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Directions of our activity

Assistance to the army and veterans of military service

Since 2014, volunteers have been helping participants in the ATO / OOS, veterans of military service. We are currently providing full support to the army and the SRO.

Assistance to seriously ill residents of Zakarpattia region

Our volunteers throughout the Transcarpathian region help seriously ill young Transcarpathians with fundraising for treatment in Ukraine and abroad.

Help with oxygen concentrators

Since the beginning of the pandemic, our volunteers have been actively helping the region's medical facilities. And for people who need an oxygen concentrator for rehabilitation at home, we provide them for free.
You can rent an oxygen concentrator for free in our Volunteer Center on the street. Goydi 8, office 202.

Assistance to orphanages, DBST

Thanks to the support of foreign charitable foundations, our friends from abroad, representatives of Transcarpathian business and residents of the region - our volunteers donate to orphanages and DBST region!


Support the public organization

"Volunteers of Transcarpathia"

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